What You Need to Know About Wound Care
By Arizona Foot & Ankle Physicians
December 13, 2018
Category: Podiatry

Protect your feet from complications as a result of diabetes.

Patients with diabetes have to be very careful when it comes to the health of their feet. This is because feet are often affected by thiswound care condition, particularly if you aren’t properly managing your blood sugar levels. While preventing ulcers and sores is the goal when it comes to caring for your feet, it’s also important to recognize the symptoms of an ulcer so you know when to see our Scottsdale, AZ, podiatrist Dr. Ruth Kosak for care.

What can cause diabetic foot ulcers?

The most obvious cause is not having your blood sugar under control. If your blood sugar levels are high and aren’t being properly managed with medication and lifestyle adjustments then you could be at an increased risk for developing an ulcer. Along with blood sugar levels, other causes of foot ulcers include poor circulation and nerve damage in your feet (which can also make it difficult to feel whether or not you have a sore, ulcer or wound on your foot).

How can I protect my feet from ulcers?

The biggest line of defense against developing diabetic-related complications is to take medication to maintain blood sugar levels within a healthy, normal range. This may take some trial and error but it’s important that you have a doctor you can turn to, to make sure the medications you are getting are actually helping your diabetes.

To prevent ulcers, you should also wear shoes at all times even around the house. Since many people with diabetes also have some degree of nerve damage in their feet, they can’t often feel when they’ve sustained a cut, burn or injury to the foot. These injuries can quickly turn into ulcers or wounds. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to wear shoes and socks at all times.

Talk to your Scottsdale, AZ, foot doctor about whether or not compression bandages or foot braces can also provide your feet with support and protection from ulcers and other foot problems. It’s important that your feet are getting the support and cushioning they need, as added pressure on certain parts of the foot can lead to calluses, corns and other problems.

What are the symptoms of a foot ulcer?

If you have nerve damage in your feet then you won’t be able to feel any pain or discomfort due to the ulcer; however, you may notice drainage or an odor coming from the foot. There may also be a callus surrounding the ulcer, or you may notice redness or swelling. The area will also be tender to the touch. Any of these symptoms warrant an immediate trip to see your podiatrist.

If in doubt, call Arizona Foot and Ankle Physicians in Scottsdale, AZ, today to find out whether or not your symptoms warrant a trip to our office. When it comes to diabetic feet it’s always better to play it safe. Call Dr. Ruth Kosak today at 480-247-8443.